Saturday, November 05, 2005


I think we are seeing a bellwether in US politics in Nebraska. Courtesy of Polipundit, here is the strategy for challenger Don Stenberg for Senator Ben Nelson’s Senate seat.

Wasting no time in shedding the rubber stamp rap that has been used against him in earlier races and disassociating himself from Republicans in Washington, Stenberg said he wants to restore conservative principles to a government that has veered off course.

“Many Republicans in Washington have lost their way and no longer support smaller government, restrained federal spending or local control of education,” Stenberg said at a news conference at Eppley Airfield.

“Under a Republican Congress and a Republican president, federal spending has skyrocketed,” the former three-term attorney general said.

But the answer to that problem will not come from Democrats, Stenberg stressed. It must come from voters who elect fiscally conservative Republicans, he said.

With the increasing marginalization of the Democratic Party thru their suicidal embrace of the anti-American left, a vacuum is created. This country must have a viable multi-party system or intellectual (and any other form of) honesty is lost. Many have speculated that that the GOP will split down lines of social policy. I think rather that the split will be among big vs. limited government lines. The increasing discontent in those which support the current administration is over the size and scope of governmental busybodiness.

I have argued before that Christians would do well to support a small government model, instead of falling prey to the “compassionate conservative” model of big government. Christians are most effective reaching those in their communities, and Americans are independent cusses who have no wish to have their lives dictated to them by the Powers That Be. As Christians we are enjoined to show charity to the poor, the widow, and the orphan – ourselves not government.

This administration’s legacy for good or ill, and I am inclined to the good, is the seeding of democracy in the mid east. The robust economy (we have the lowest unemployment yet at 5.0%) will be the springboard for governmental system change. We need changes toward small government. JC Watts, paging JC Watts.

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