Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day '05

The most important election in Washington State is only open to King County residents today. It is a race between Ron Sims and David Irons, they are running for King County Executive. The KC Executive appoints the elections officials in King County. If you are even passingly aware of Washington politics, you know that the KC elections office was in the heart of last year's Gubernatorial imbroglio which ended in a court case. At the end of that case the judge said this about KC elections officials:

"It's inertia, it's selfishness, it's taking our paycheck but not doing the work."

And he ruled in favor of them!!! The inertia and the selfishness that effect every voter in Washington are up for review by the voters. I think that Judge Bridges' quote should have been David Irons' campaign slogan.

Another important item on the ballot is I-912, the repeal of the 9 cent gax tax. In demonizing the citizens who support this initiative, the opposition has painted us (yes I signed in favor) as money grubbers who don't care about road and bridge safety. My support for 912 has everything to do with the real money-grubbers in Olympia who passed the "emergency tax" in direct opposition to what the voters expressed at the polls. The current revenues are enough for safety but not enough for squandering. I would be more amenable to the goals of replacing the bridge with a tunnel if those spending the money were transparent and accountable - and didn't spend money like drunken sailors. Trust me, Washington knows all about how drunken sailors spend the comparison is apt.

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UPDATE: Well, Irons lost by a healthy margin leaving the rest of the state hostage to King County selfishness and inertia. 912 lost also, I am guessing the voters have cooled off some from last spring and also the lawsuit slapped on some of it's most vocal advocates has had an effect also. (two local radio show hosts were told they were making in kind contributions to the "yes" campaign by talking positively about the initiative on thier show. no one said as much to the P-I about thier anti 912 articles. I'n not bitter though, can you tell?) A Huge Positive, by an overwhelming margin I-900 passed. I-900 is for audits. Washington auditor Brian Sontag has been ver vocal about the waste and corruption he's seen but has been unable to follow thru. As I understand it, I-900 will give him some teeth. Let's hope he watches gas tax revenues carefully.

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