Saturday, November 19, 2005

I've a Plate

"Mommmmmmmmmm!" the Muralist wails, the final mmmm sound rising up in a shrill pitch which makes the dog two farms over howl. "It's velcroed to my body!!!!!" The Infant scrunches up her face to cry and the Verbalist claps his hands over his ears. The Muralist has pipes on her - operatic ones; like Dear Husband her musical sense wanders. Life can be a crapshoot, ya know?

The "it" in question turned out to be the skirt of her dress. She has opted for something more twirly to attend the Elephant's tea party in and discovered static cling. I forgot dryer sheets last shopping expedition, didn't think the toddler would be the one to complain. Quick! Distract!

"How about some pretties from Mommy's jewelry box?" That brightened her up. I went to go get the box set aside full of dress-up friendly bracelets and necklaces. I came back out to find the living room vacant. I went back to her room where Elephants large and small, Carebears, Sleeping Beauty and The Dog all sat clustered around a makeshift table. The Dog looked at me with large gold eyes.

"Don't spoil this," the eyes pleaded, "she has a whole stash of graham crackers, and I've a plate in front of me."

"Hats!" piped the Muralist placing a hat atop her head and The Dog. The Dog rolled her eyes and shifted slightly but continued to eye the graham crackers. I stifled a laugh and ran for the camera. I heard a thump thump thump down the hall and saw The Muralist run into the bathroom (crackers in hand - no fool she). I ducked my head around the corner and saw the crackers on the counter.

"Need help?" I ask.

"No!" she caroled.

"Ok!" I replied digging for the camera again. Thump, thump, thump - back down the hall she went.

"Hold still." I hear floating down the hall. "Just Relax."

Uh oh, not a good sentence to hear a 3 year old tell a dog. I tore down the hallway to find the greedy and longsuffering Dog letting the Muralist apply lipstick to her grinning mouth. The golden eyes looked my way. "Crackers," they say. "I've a plate in front of me."

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