Friday, November 18, 2005

How about some thanksgiving?

A couple of questions for the audience at large:

1. Who wants to see a lot of troops come home soon?

2. Who wants a successful installment of popularly elected officials in Iraq?

3. Who wants to see politicians do thier jobs and stop whining?

As I suspected the majority of you answered yes to the above questions. Level two:

1. Who thinks December elections in Iraq, will allow troops to come home?

2. Who thinks 60 days is too long to wait?

3. Who can't wait for Congress to recess for the holiday season?

Back in the days of Desert Storm/Sheild there was a t-shirt on sale at a local chain that bore the slogan "Iraq-no-phobia". I think that we need to get more of those printed up. Only instead of referring to a lack of unease over the supposed might of the Baathist regime, it could refer to confidence in Iraqi elections. If only the politicians would shut up for a minute, take a no grandstanding vow until after the elections. Head down spend the holidays with thier family in an attitude of quiet thanksgiving we have had no more major attacks on US soil. Thanksgiving, that WMD's were not used against our troops, that our normal does not include 100 Puegots set aflame nightly. Thanksgiving, that a season of unprecedented natural disasters has left fewer dead in our nation than was projected. Thanksgiving, that the war for our way of life in our time has yet to include an Omaha Beach or Hiroshima.

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