Tuesday, November 01, 2005

To Borrow a Phrase

Halloween! The children's holiday, a holiday that practically demands the suspension of all parental rules. I knew my two eldest (herein to be known as Batman and Princess Jasmine) would be too hyped up to accomplish much, so we eschewed our normal course of coloring, reading, flashcards and just let them bounce off the walls. I made sure they got in a couple of good meals and, in a fit of desperation, dug out and plugged in the playstation. It was too wet to play on the swingset and the ball pit in the sun room was vetoed after the started pelting each other with balls. One last minute fit of the costumes then off to Grammy's house where glories awaited.

Boing, boing, boing, boing. They practically vibrated in thier seats with the anticipation of pizza, cupcakes, and trick or treating. Once there, they fell in with thier cousin and watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and every so often one of them would wander out and finger thier costumes. At one point it was too quiet and Grammy discovered the two Princesses applying costume make-up and (plastic costume) jewels in anticipation of the marvelous raiments to come. Three year olds in make up, hoorah. Batman mercifully missed this episode. A quick bite of pizza and into costumes we got. Obligitory pictures taken, and out the door.

"Come ONNNNNNNN!" shout Batman and P. Jasmine in chorus. and from there P. Jas. started her refrain: "On to the Next House, Come on!" The forecast had called for showers so I was pleased when the rain held off. There are precious few neighborhoods on island with streetlights, so the inky darkness only lit by porchlights enhanced the Halloween adventure. At last the wind kicked up and they began to slow down so we made our way back to Grammy's and thence to home and beds.

This morning however we arose bright and early. Bowls of cereal duly eaten, the loot was plundered and evaluated. Candy consumption came to an abrupt standstill when off we all went to the pediatrician today and all promptly got flu shots. Tired, sore, cranky and yet hopped up on sugar still we came home. To borrow a phrase, Oy Vey.

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