Monday, November 07, 2005

Quick Hits

Some quasi-related kid stories for you. If you have been following the annals of the Verbalist at all, you know he's been saving money for various Batman paraphernalia. He's been earning money through various chores but it is slow going for my impetuous tot.

"Grammy," said he to one who might plead his case before the High Parental Tribune, "I do lots of work and am not paid enough!" Ah yes, the cry of the worker bee, the first of many times he will sing that refrain.

Last week we went and got flu shots and by way of cheering I told the Verbalist I'd pay the second half of his latest Batman vehicle, a projectile launching airplane. All the kids were cranky and out of sorts and it didn't take long before they were bickering.

"You stop that," said the Verbalist to his sister, "or I'll throw my dick at you."

"What!?!" said I.

"I'll throw my dick," he paused and added for clarification, "from my Batman plane."

"Oh!" I reply trying to hide my mirth. "Disc honey, disc."







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