Monday, November 07, 2005


No, I am not talking about my ongoing battle against dog hair and cobwebs which I regularly seem to lose; rather my updated blogroll to the side. I don't get an update everytime I am blogrolled, because it happens so occationally, but I do wander through comments and visit homepages of those that care enough to waste a minute of thier life commenting. It's nice to follow a comment and see folks have added you to their list.

Also, I have officially passed 5000 unique site visits in the 7 months I have been blogging. I am feeling quite proud of that number and wish to welcome any new folks and thank my intrepid band of 50 or so readers have stuck with me. That's 50 people who don't think I sell more baloney than a deli as the saying goes. (or, er, something like that.) So take a minute and and click thru the folks you may not know on the old blogroll.

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