Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday Dessert - Pie Edition

I plan on doing some Christmas Cookie recipe blogging but as I was contemplating what recipe to post on I clicked over to One For the Road and saw Richmond had posted an intriguing recipe for Oatmeal Pie. Yup, Oatmeal Pie. So that got me thinking Oatmeal Pie - oatmeal cookie - cookie pie. Cookie pie, where had I seen a cookie pie recipe? Oh yeah, from the holiday recipe/coupon book from my local Albertsons. Sure it is a brand name shilling device but hey, it was free and some of the desserts looked yummy. So with no further ado: the Jello-Nabisco-Cool Whip, (no more corporate shilling here) child friendly pudding pie from the grocery store flyer.

1 graham cracker or chocolate cookie crust (made by you know who)
2 4oz packages of chocolate pudding mix (made by those people)
1 tub of whipped topping (which they wisely make lactose free)
12 peanut butter sandwich or chocolate sandwich cookies cut crosswise (Do I need to spell out these brands for you? What, you live in a cave?)
2 cups milk (brand blessedly not spelled out)

Mix milk and pudding mixes and spoon 1 1/2 cups into your crust. Place cookies on top of first layer of pie. Stir 1 1/2 cups whipped topping into remainder of pudding mix. Lavish it on top of first layer and cookies. Refrigerate 3 hours, dab more whipped topping on pie before serving.

Pie quiz.

You Are Mud Pie

You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth
Those who like you give into their impulses

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