Thursday, November 03, 2005

Carnival of Comedy!

In sheer desperation of getting a link from the all powerful IMAO (Frank J., note you're blogrolled to the left?) I am hostessing the Carnival of Comedy. Before I get to the good comedic stuff however, let's turn our attention to a serious problem. The EU has raised awareness of the scarcity of one of our most precious natural resources: capital letters. Witness the flagrant use of capitals by IMAO and Frank J. The hubris in using a capital j just to set himself apart from the rest of the franks in the blogosphere is just disgusting. If only he could follow the example of the patron saint of captial conservation e.e. cummings. It is to e.e. cummings that this blog post is dedicated. No more capitals.

spacemonkey says, "three catagories: very funny, kinda funny, and not too funny." my catagories are a little different though: funny, funny weird, and i don't get it. so here we go with funny:

ironman at political calculations has office humor. if you are a cube farmer these are for you.

laurence at this blog is full of cr*p offers funny cat pics.

a4g at point five has a solution to the israel on the map problem.

ferdy at conservative cat explains cat behavior.

tommy at striving for average made me laugh loud enough to wake my infant.

hudlumman at file it under made me laugh with ms. mapes' other incalculable mysteries.

permablog at blogginoutloud has some funny pics of stupid signs and such.

funny weird:

vox popular has some advice for misunderstood bloggers.

fitch at radioactiveliberty leads du-ers a merry chase.

g&r at good and the right get behind the closed senate session.

john carrol comes to a rather sweet and funny realization.

nose on your face looks at how the miers nomination impacted halloween.

blog d'ellison has a profanity laced post on condom marketing.

i didn't get it- (or i like my humor obvious)

mensa barbie has funny donkey pics but the captions. . .

pekah at pekah's pub on being white.

miriam at miriam's thoughts share exasperation on public bathrooms.

damian at conservathink displays bolton and his 'stache.

mr. right from the right place hosts a halloween costume party.

and lastly daniel at raving conservative shares a joke with a bang (all puns intended)

hope you all enjoyed this weeks carnival of humor sign up thru conservative cat (also blogrolled to the left) and be sure and get daily funny at imao and weekly funny at imaudio.

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